Punta Cabras

An hour south of Ensenada in the ejido Erendira exit you find Punta Cabra amazing dunes on the beach, Eréndira has several beaches , you can choose in which to stay, the most beautiful are Punta cabra , Media Luna and Bahia Almejas, all are full of surprises and life.


With a swell south , south -west or west this point is great for surfing, it is certainly an excellent place to launch a kayak, if you’re a fan of life, you stumble across natural mini pools where you can see the flower and fauna , do not forget your fishing pole if you kit for snorkeling you’ll entertain a good time , you can pick mussels and barnacles , so add a white wine and a handful of lemons, you have your list of kit camp , because in the Eréndira village ( 30 min . from the beach) can only find basic things .punta-cabras3

If camping is not your thing , you have the option of a hostel “Coyote Cal’s ” . This deserted beach is a taste of the beautiful peninsula.


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