La Fonda

A huge beachfront of 1 mile of the Pacific Ocean, where you can relax, if surfing is your thing the best season is from July to October, swell conditions are south – south west mid tide. Type point / rivermouth, the left wave is almost perfect in favorable conditions, look for high tides to take advantage of your surfing, though it is a nice beach, if you got to surf table beware of bottom holes as it can be dangerous.

la Fonda beach break

Image by Damian Davila via Magicseaweed

During the day, if conditions permit, you have the option to try paragliding, fishing in the sea or enjoying a run in the beach, certainly a 100% family beach.


Image by Damian Davila via Magicseaweed

In this same area you will find 2 different hotels, La Fonda and Little Sky, with a wonderful view, you’ll love the sunset in this area! During the evenings at La Fonda┬┤s bar you’ll find fiesta for sure with Latin music and delicious margaritas you’ll make more than one friend for sure . If you want to eat something typical of the place, 15 km north you get to worlds famous Puerto Nuevo, where you can taste traditional lobster burritos (extremely recommended).


Image by Damian Davila via Magicseaweed


If driving your mobile home, drive to Alisitos K58 camp where you can settle and enjoy the beach.

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