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The meaning of the word Tecate is unknown, but it is known that the name was given by their ethnic inhabitants. Some historians believe it means “cut stone” or “cut tree”.

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The name Rosarito is derived from “El Rosario”, named by the end of the eighteenth century. Before that, the area was inhabited by Indians and was called Mission St. Archangel de la Frontera

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Ensenada is also known as “La Bella Cenicienta del Pacifico”, it is located in a natural bay called “Bahia de Todos Los Santos” in the state of Baja California Mexico, is located 110 kilometers (75 miles) south of the border with the United States.



It is believed that the name comes from the Indian word “ticuan” although most accepted versiont of the origin of the name comes from “Rancho de la Tia Juana”, a pioneer ranch in the area.