San Pedro Martir, the most amazing national park in Baja

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Sierra de San Pedro Martir National Park

Diaz Ordaz al Observatorio KM 82, 22795 Ejido México
Phone: 52 (646) 172 3020



The San Pedro Martir National Park offers 178 acres of different routes for a walk along the highest mountains of the peninsula. With an abundance of flora and fauna that will take you to lookouts where you can see different landscapes. With a total of 142 plant species and 70% of the surface with patches of trees this park is in magnificent condition. The best air you can breathe, it’s a cold area for its altitude, 2.800 meters high.

Coniferous forests in San Pedro Martir

Upon reaching the toll booth there is a fee of $ 4.00 USD per person. If you want to spend the evening you can book a cottage for 4 people at a cost of $ 55.00 USD, there are few cabins so make you make a reservation. If you want to live a more extreme experience, set up the tent and prepare yourself for a freezing night!. Do not forget that there is the astronomical observatory from the Mexico National University (UNAM) 20 km from the toll booth with a telescope of .84, 1.5 and 2.1 meters in diameter. This telescope produces the most important astronomical studies in Mexico.  So bring your telescope, San Pedro Martir has some of the darkest skies at night in the world, therefore San Pedro Martir is considered one of the best places to observe the cosmos at night.  Visiting is free at no cost for tourists so remember to take advantage of this great opportunity, just remember that visiting hours are from 10 am to 1 pm.

If you only want to spend the day, as you get to the deviation of Punta Colonet, it’s a one hour drive from there in a brand, new road in perfect conditions.  If you organize and manage to be up before 12 pm you can enjoy the mountains and be back down before dark and get to the famous “Cuatro Casas” hostel the exit is at the same height as the Sierra’s, but instead drive ocean bound.

National University Telescope under the Milky Way

The new observatory that watches over the San Pedro Valley below

On days with cold and rainy conditions, it is always better to call and make sure that the park is open since the road with snow freezes and access can be closed.

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