El Salto de Santa Rosa

El Salto de Santa Rosa, an incredible gateway just minutes from Ensenada.

After a walk of 2 km surrounded by flower and fauna with incredible mountain ranges and rocks, you will enjoy nature at its best, in the rainy season a river is born here that guides you to a  majestic cascade of 15 meters. If you want a more sedentary experience get ready to enjoy a picnic in nature. It is ideal for camping or spending the day. In the shades of the trees and the creek you will be in a cool climate place, but during the day the temperature can reach 30 C remember you are in between the Pacific and the desert, so when the sun goes down temperatures can get considerable low. If your idea is camping, be sure to carry everything you need.

An amazing view of the canyon surounded by nature

An amazing view of the canyon surrounded by nature

El Salto is small, it only has 12 inhabitants and although natives are indigenous culture has been lost, the cost to the area is $ 4.00 per person.

Rapelling while enjoying the amazing view of the river stream

Rappelling while enjoying the amazing view of the river stream

A family spot, the park has picnic tables and grills, if you like cycling is always a good idea to bring it with you, on the weekends you can try rappelling and hiking.

Descending the rock wall

Descending the rock wall

If you want to spend more than one day here, ask the manager for permission to put the car into the camping area. Pets welcome. Your young children will have plenty of space to play safely and a beautiful stream in the wooded area. There are picnic tables and grills. But if you walk along the stream in a southeasterly direction for about 15 minutes and you approach the rappel area, take care that the children do not come alone to the rocky shore, it is easy to fall.


Km. 76 Carretera Libre Tijuana – Ensenadada
Telephone: (664) 407 7751
Email:  elsalto_km76@hotmail.com

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