Looking for the best Mexican car insurance at the border?

Do you live close to the border and find yourself needing Mexico car insurance often?

For Mexico car insurance avoid this kind of businesses as they offer expensive premiums with bad coverage.

Seems like brick and mortar insurance businesses are a thing of the past. Because of the exponential growth of online shopping, people are simplifying their purchasing habits.

That’s why Online businesses have much lower operating costs. Also, insurance oriented, have drastically lowered the premiums for Mexico car insurance.

Furthermore, San Ysidro and Chula Vista are sprawling with currency exchange stores where they sell Auto Insurance for Mexico. While it seems like a good deal the vast majority of this places offer insurance products with very poor coverages and high premiums.

What are the benefits of buying your “Mexico car insurance” online?

Almost all of them! While you may think that assistance is needed in order to buy your Mexican car insurance, the reality is that buying it is one of the simplest and quickest ways when buying financial services.

  • Create the insurance that best fit your needs/activities
  • We constantly negotiate with our underwriters the best rates for our customers 
  • Buy from the comfort of your house directly from your smartphone/computer
  • Buy and print online and keep track of all your policies by logging into your account
  • The most comprehensive coverage and prices are only available online 
  • 100% secure payments for online transactions
  • Stay informed about the hottest restaurants, hotels, and activities in Baja with our blog
  • Not only do we offer the best Mexican car insurance but also our constantly updated travel blog keeps you informed of places to visit throughout Baja!

In conclusion…

Beware of businesses that sell low-quality and expensive Mexican auto insurance services near the border. As a result, you will find that buying online is faster, smarter and safer! Check our list of things you need when buying “Mexico car insurance USA citizens”  straight from our user-friendly website.



Mexican Auto Insurance

Discover Bajascape…The best Mexican car insurance online!


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