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Are you looking for cheap Mexican car insurance that offers full coverage?

Mexican car insurance cost does not depend on the brand, make or even year of the vehicle. So, to get the most exact value for your car there are a couple of websites where you get the ACV (actual cash value) of your vehicle. For this reason,  your Mexican car insurance quote and therefore the price will depend entirely on the value each individual gives to their car, always being careful not to overvalue your car. In these cases, some companies won’t pay the vehicles higher actual values (although they will end up paying KBB or Nada guides values.)

Mexican car insurance use increments of $ 500.00 to price their premiums. For example, the insurance of a car worth $ 10,001 will be the same as a car worth $ 10,499 and so forth. We at Bajascape work with 2 companies that offer complete coverage at excellent prices and of course always taking into consideration quality service for our customers. Our companies are highly qualified by S&P and other financial institutions.

Below we will give some examples of our cheap Mexican car insurance costs:

Full coverage (Bajascape prices)                                                                               

 ACV                 Daily           6 month           1 year

$ 10,000 USD   $ 21.19        $ 190.31          $ 274.83

$ 15,000 USD   $ 22.46       $ 211.56          $ 307.52

Full coverage (Competition prices)

$ 10,000 USD   $ 37.00       $ 292.05         $ 319.70

$ 15,000 USD    $ 38.33        $ 329.88         $ 362.66

Daily policies are available for a maximum of 14 days because as you can see, it would be cheaper to get the 6-month policy.

Liability only (Bajascape prices)  (damage to third parties only)

6 month           1 year
$ 94.68           $ 127.70

Liability only (Competition prices) (damage to third parties only)

6 month          1 year

$ 184.56          $ 197.61

We also offer a product where we only cover the driver license of the driver (up to 5 drivers license per policy). This means the policyholder will be able to drive any vehicle even if the vehicle does not have insurance. The vehicle, in this case, will only be insured with liability only coverage. This product is convenient for families that own many vehicles or have kids.

Drivers license                                                                               

                                                                                                             1 year

1-3 licenses                                                                                      $ 150.00

additional license                                                                           $ +50.00

So take advantage of our low prices and get your free Mexico car insurance quote in just minutes! Bajascape, your best Mexican car insurance underwriter.

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