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Both Mexico and the US have updated and modernized their respective border crossings. This has made traveling back and forth much easier and has loosened the border waiting times.

Recent years have seen an impressive surge in tourists from America and Canada into Mexico. Crime rates going down in northern Mexico, cheaper costs of living and incredible places to visit, people are looking south.

So what’s the fuss?

Most of these tourists are unaware that American car insurance doesn’t cover Mexico. Also, a new bill was passed that requires all vehicles going to Mexico to have a 30k US minimum liability coverage. We all know 30k is nothing when it comes to an accident, costs tend to soar due to damages and injuries.  People distrusted the Insurers that sold in San Ysidro. This due to inefficient selling points and really bad coverages with high prices. 

Bahia Guadalupe

Who are we?

A family oriented business with just over 20 years experience in the insurance business. We strive for the best customer experience and have won many national and regional awards for our customer service.

Partnered with the 2 best ranked Mexico insurance companies on the market. Qualitas and HDI both highly rated by Standard & Poor’s.

Adapting to our customer’s needs and commitment to maximum satisfaction. We offer a complete insurance product for the lowest prices. Our new website which we are proud of after much hard work lets you get a free quote, buy and print online. We wanted to give the user an easy, fast and interactive way of creating the insurance that suits your needs. You cannot only buy online but also we have added a section for different questions one can come across when going to a foreign country. From roads, maps, cool spots, current laws, driving tips etc. And if you can’t find what you’re looking we’ve added this blog to complement and expand on our current info.

Turquoise beautiful waters in Baja Concepcion Bay

Yachting Bahia Concepcion

What you get.

If you’re towing other vehicles, you can add them to your policy. You can insurance your RV, motorcycle and even your driver’s license. Drivers license insurance is a new product. It lets you add up to 5 persons to the policy. This is practical if you are driving a bunch of different vehicles in Mexico. You are covered even if the car is not.

Once you buy your policy you can access your personal dashboard. Here you can see and manage your policies and add drivers for future purchases.

We as you also love traveling! We’ve been traveling around Baja recently searching premier places. We love eating and discovering new natural sceneries around the state. So were going to be publishing some new interesting articles regarding recommendations on camping and surfing sites, restaurants, hotel and lots of different stuff.

So remember to stay safe and have the peace of mind of having the best coverage for you and your loved ones.

Driving near el Rosario. Baja.








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