Why Mexican car insurance Costco is not a good option (PS. Costco doesn’t offer it)

If you are a frequent or seasonal traveler, you know that it’s necessary to have a Mexico auto insurance policy to travel from the U.S. to any part of Mexico. Auto insurance policies provide you with the protection and peace of mind you need to be able to face any kind of unpleasant incident or event that may happen while you travel.

Having this kind of insurance is an obligation, especially considering that the Mexican government requires it. For these reasons, many people decide to look for good Mexican insurance, however, although there are several insurances, not all have the benefits, coverage options and online quotes offered by BajaScape.

Benefits vs Costco vs Competition

Although for some people, Costco auto insurance seems like a good alternative when shopping for insurance, it has several downsides. The first of these disadvantages and the most important is that Costco doesn’t carry the Mexican car insurance policy necessary to be able to drive in Mexico.

This insurance is known as tourist auto insurance and it is the one that every foreigner who wants to drive in Mexico must have. Here at BajaScape we offer through our easy to use website the Mexican insurance coverage for a reasonable rate.

Another thing to consider is the jurisdiction that the insurance coverage has in Mexico, since international car insurance is not valid. In other words, even if a car insurance is purchased in the United States or Canada, it will not be valid in Mexico as they do not have jurisdiction.

This can be a big inconvenience for tourists, especially if property damage occurs. Even if you have Costco auto insurance, you won’t be able to get the help you need to solve the problem.

It is also necessary to know how important it is that the insurance company has the license requested by the Mexican government.

Usually, it is through brokers that some type of insurance is requested, unfortunately the customer is not always given the necessary information. This often ends up being a problem for the customer, since he does not know the possible disadvantages of the insurance policy to which he subscribed.

BajaScape gives you all the information you need to be able to hire the insurance policy that best suits your needs. In addition, at any time you can clear your doubts and concerns about your vehicle insurance by asking your broker or agent.

Another advantage of having a major insurer agency is that all the procedures are much easier to carry out. So, procedures that are usually tedious like buying your policy or some claims, become more pleasant for you.

Communication with the customer has become another of BajaScape’s main characteristics. It is common that sometimes unforeseen accidents arise during your trip and you are forced to call to request information about your insurance. To resolve these types of situations, we have trained personnel who will be able to answer your call.

The procedures that must be carried out in order to purchase insurance are sometimes tedious or even complicated. BajaScape makes things easier, you can purchase your insurance through our website.

You only need to invest a few minutes, the procedure can be carried out easily, quickly and safely. You can pay by both, by a major credit card and debit card, in addition, when you pay, you are given your coverage policy and there is no limit of insurance to manage in your account, in case you have other registered vehicles.

BajaScape Benefits

– Choose repairs in the United States or Mexico

– It’s a family business

– Service provided directly by the owners

– Claims insured 100%

– Top Tier Insurance Co.

– Customer oriented service in case of a legal assistance during your travel

– Competitive prices

– Roadside assistance 24/7


Advantages of using BajaScape

Sometimes the car model and its age can be an inconvenience for some auto insurance companies. That’s why one of the main advantages of having Mexican car insurance is that no matter what type of car you have, the car will always be insured.

In the event that the vehicle has some kind of accident during the trip, the policy may cover the accident and take the car to the best workshops. In this way, it is ensured that the car repair is done by professionals, and if there is any problem on the road such as a flat tire, the insurance can offer towing service.

Sometimes people think it is not a good idea to buy Mexican insurance because of how expensive it can be. However, this does not have to be the case, one of the main advantages of BajaScape is that we offer different types of coverage, so that the customer can choose the coverage that best suits them depending on their travel dates and budget.

To make things easier, various options are also handled in case of big or basic risks such as vehicle damage, theft or partial theft, medical expenses in case of bodily injury and legal services, among other things; it is important to remember that in those situations it is necessary to file a police report. So that you can always count on the necessary help, for any kind of event that may occur during their vacations or road trip.

Another thing to keep in mind is that cars are not the only thing that BajaScape insures, also motorcycles, mobile homes and various water vehicles. So, it will no longer be necessary to look for an insurer specifically for that type of vehicle, you will be able to take care of your car, yacht or boat with the same insurer and you would not have to modify any of your travel plans.

As you can see you are our priority, that is why we cover all your needs considering your budget, to offer the plan that best suits you for your entire trip.

That way you can be sure that no matter what type of vehicle you have, you’ll always have the support you need in case of a traffic accident.

In our website, you can see the type of coverage we offer like: liability damage, drivers license, and full coverage, from our reputable insurers, and you can get an instant price quote. Remember that with BajaScape, you will always have travel assistance at any time you need and more in the case of physical damage.

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